Our mobile labs are fully equipped to provide the same analytical services as a fixed lab. We offer customized analytical programs for individual projects in order to provide the most cost-effective program. This streamlined analytical program targets only the analytes of concern, allowing the analyst to focus on managing data and disseminating these data to the project team.

Our daily fee structure for mobile lab services results in significantly lower costs compared to traditional per-sample fees. When analyzing 20 samples per day or more, MobiLab™ often provides a lower per sample price than a rapid turn-around from most fixed laboratories. The more samples you submit, the lower the per-sample price. Plus, there are no shipping costs; your field team sends their time sampling instead of packing coolers and driving to the FedEx or UPS office. And you get the data in near real-time!

Please see to below download our information sheets for more details regarding these services.

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