Cascade Environmental™

Cascade’s rapid growth in both service capabilities and geographic expanse led the company to rebrand the organization in 2016. Cascade had become more than an environmental drilling contractor. Today, as Cascade Environmental™, we provide a full range of environmental investigation, drilling and remediation services and technologies including:

  • Technical examination and collaborative problem solving to address subsurface contamination and related challenges
  • Project management including safety and performance evaluation, monitoring and reporting
  • Development of plans to remediate contamination
  • Subsurface sampling and analysis of water and soil to identify contaminants
  • Locating and marking placement of underground utility pipes, cable or wire
  • Management of investigation derived waste

  • Soil conductivity logging
  • Soil and ground water sampling and analysis
  • Contaminant distribution identification
  • Field data imaging and reporting
  • Targeted data collection of subsurface contaminants
  • Soil sampling and monitoring
  • Ground water sampling and monitoring
  • Soil vapor sampling and monitoring
  • Soil sampling via dual-wall sampling and angle boring
  • Featuring state of the art technologies: MIHPT, HPT, UVOST, WATERLOOAPS™, COREDFN™, MobiLab™

  • Environmental sampling
  • Well installation, development, rehabilitation, abandonment
  • Geotechnical drilling for site investigation and instrumentation
  • Heavy infrastructure support for dams, levees, tunnels, bridges
  • Utility clearance
  • Management of investigation derived waste


  • Biological
  • Thermal
  • Chemical
  • Injection
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic emplacement
  • Combined Remedies approach utilizing the right combination of site characterization and remediation technologies to achieve your remediation goals most efficiently


Known in the marketplace simply as Cascade, our organization is comprised of two primary operation companies and a number of subsidiaries. Our project teams and business development specialists work closely together to ensure you have access to the full suite of services and industry leading experts under the Cascade umbrella.

Cascade Technical Services focuses on high-resolution site characterization and subsurface investigation. With expertise from field technicians to PhDs, we partner with you to deliver the right technology for every job no matter how routine or complex.

Cascade Drilling provides a full range of environmental and geotechnical drilling services. Regardless of the lithology or location, Cascade Drilling has the right equipment, experience, and specialized expertise to do the job. We offer sonic drilling and conventional drilling technologies. Our fleet includes track and truck mounted equipment and limited access rigs for tight spaces, low overhead conditions, and over-water work, allowing us to access almost any drill site.

Cascade Subsidiaries include TerraTherm, Aquifer Drilling & Testing, Panther Technologies and GeoSierra Environmental.

TerraTherm is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of in situ and on‐site thermal remediation of organic contaminants. TerraTherm designs, builds and operates projects from concept to closure, using Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), and combinations of the technologies above.

Aquifer Drilling & Testing (ADT) provides environmental and geotechnical drilling for a variety of applications in the greater New York City area. ADT’s experienced drilling crews operate a diverse drilling fleet including sonic, auger, rotary and specialty equipment.

Panther Technologies, Inc. provides remedial services including conventional and innovative soil and groundwater remediation, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management and disposal, industrial landfill capping and lagoon closures, and mechanical system installations.

GeoSierra Environmental is best known for Trenchless PRB Placement technology for installing permeable reactive barriers (PRBs). In addition to Trenchless PRBs, GeoSierra is leveraging their technology and highly specialized groundwater expertise to tackle other difficult groundwater cleanup problems such as source remediation in fractured bedrock and remediation of stagnant plumes in fat clays.

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