Cascade is your preferred partner for successful site characterization and remediation. Our Combined Remedies™ approach leverages the most advanced technologies and in-depth knowledge of industry-leading experts to help clients understand the site and develop the most appropriate remediation strategy for a tailored, innovative and cost-effective solution. Land reclamation, namely, removal of volatile contaminants from soil and rock formations is the foundation of our technical service line.


SIMPLE Our integrated services reduce the complexities of managing multiple subcontractors.

EFFECTIVE Our collaborative approach delivers project synergies for optimization of data collection and remedy design saving you time and money.

EXPERIENCE Our team of seasoned experts has the know-how to deploy the right tools, at the right time to achieve the right outcome.

ASSETS As our client, you have access to the most extensive fleet of mobile systems for on-site high-resolution site characterization, injection, emplacement and sonic drilling in the U.S.


Achieve reliable results with the right combination of site characterization and remediation technologies backed by Cascade’s unparalleled knowledge and expertise.


  • Collaborative Remediation Design
  • Design Optimization Testing
  • In Situ Bioremediation
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation
  • In Situ Chemical Reduction
  • In Situ Thermal Desorption
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Emplacement
  • Steam Enhanced Remediation
  • Subsurface Investigation

Sub Surface Site Characterization:

  • 3D Data Imaging, Interpolation and Visualization
  • COREDFN™ Fractured Rock Matrix Diffusion Analysis
  • MiHPT and UVOST
  • MobiLab™ On-site Analytical Chemistry
  • Soil, Water And Vapor Sampling
  • WATERLOOAPS™ Vertical Aquifer Profiling

Cascade Technical Services™ Overview:

• Environmental testing and inspection services:  direct sensing services,  soil conductivity logging, soil and ground water sampling and analysis, contaminant distribution identification, field data imaging and reporting, and targeted data collection

• Direct push services: soil sampling and monitoring, ground water sampling and monitoring, soil vapor sampling and monitoring, and soil sampling via dual-wall sampling and angle boring

• Environmental services and technical consultation in the field of environmental science and engineering services:trouble shooting, project management, safety and performance evaluation, monitoring and reporting, supporting environmental engineers in tracking and eliminating subsurface contamination, development of plans to remediate contamination

• Subsurface sampling and analysis of water and soil to identify contaminants

• Locating and marking placement of underground utility pipes, cable or wire

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