Introducing the Cascade Thermal Brand

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Cascade

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This week, we are pleased to introduce Cascade Thermal, the newest brand in the Cascade family.


Cascade Thermal is the only company with extensive field application experience in all three primary thermal remediation technologies: thermal conduction heating (TCH), electrical resistance heating (ERH), and steam-enhanced extraction (SEE).

Successful thermal remediation requires a unique skillset and technology application during design and implementation.  With a dedicated staff of over 80 thermal remediation professionals, fleets of state-of-the-art-equipment and fabrication warehouses, and a rich history of proven success, Cascade’s thermal operations is worthy of its own distinct brand.  Whether it’s drilling, technical service or thermal- the Cascade name stands for our core values of safety, quality, growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Optimize Your Thermal Remedy Design

Cascade Thermal is the combination of the three legacy remediation companies; TerraTherm, Current Environmental Solutions (CES) and Global Remediation Services (GRS), which were acquired by Cascade Environmental over the past three years. Together, the Cascade Thermal team has successfully completed over 120 heating projects worldwide, including the largest and most complex thermal projects to date.  This experience translates to reduced risk and fewer unexpected project complications for your site.

With no motivation to direct projects towards a particular heating technology, clients receive unbiased site assessments before selecting the most cost-effective heating method to achieve remediation objectives.  As the only company with decades of experience deploying all three heating technologies, we have a unique capability to truly evaluate sites and design, install, and operate custom treatment systems that achieve maximum efficiency and site owner value.   

Achieve Your Project Goals

Cascade Thermal’s technical staff played key roles in the early development of all three thermal technologies and has decades of hands-on knowledge of when and how best to employ each of them. Regardless of chosen heating method, our project teams consistently meet site remediation goals, on schedule and on budget, while maintaining a safety record of zero recordable incidents.

The brand is backed by Cascade’s entire suite of services which support activity at every stage of the project lifecycle- from concept to completion.  The Cascade teams work closely with you to provide an impartial site evaluation and innovative design approaches that combine investigation and remediation technologies. We work with you through both design and implementation to expertly apply the right combination of technologies in the field to deliver the best possible performance.

Click here to download the Cascade Thermal Statement of Qualifications detailing our depth of thermal professionals, services, and technology offerings.   Make sure that you stay in touch with Cascade Thermal and sign up for our thermal remediation newsletter below. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

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