Diamond core drilling is a common technique in the mining industry for extracting core samples.  It is ideal for geotechnical work in semi-consolidated/cemented rock to hard rock environments. Downward pressure and high rotation rates advance drill bits that are faced with diamond impregnated steel.  Down pressure and fluid circulation are carefully monitored during drilling. Rock core samples are typically returned using an efficient wireline system. There is a wide selection of drill bits to choose from based on rock types and core sizes. Cascade typically uses a wireline coring system for hard rock applications to obtain core samples and Rock Quality Designation (RQD).

Why Choose Diamond Core Drilling?
  • ROBUST  This drilling application is ideal for extracting solid core samples from deep, hard rock environments.  The diamond bit  overcomes refusal in the toughest conditions.
  • VERSATILITY Diamond core tooling is compatible with auger, rotary, and sonic drill rigs.  This allows the driller to penetrate the softer subsurface and then convert to the diamond tooling at the point of refusal.
Equipment Options

Cascade offers a full range of drill rigs and support vehicles including truck mounted, track mounted, limited access, and specialty equipment nationwide.  With one of the largest environmental and geotechnical drilling fleets, Cascade provides the right equipment to get the job done safely, on time, within budget, and with minimal impact to the project site.  

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