Dale Duscher

Job Title: Regional EHS Manager


Mr. Duscher is Cascade’s Great Lakes Regional Safety manager. He is a dedicated Safety and Compliance professional with over 30 years in the drilling industry. His project experience includes but is not limited to, mine exploratory sites, sand and gravel investigations, hard rock mineral drilling, mine remediation, environmental remediation, and various other drilling and remediation projects. He has drilled in several overseas countries including Chile, Baffin Island and Madagascar.  He has actively led several hands-on drilling training programs that included trainees from Russia, Chile, Argentina, Australia and the United States. This experience has allowed him to be an effective safety leader able to tailor communication approach to audiences achieving changes in unsafe behavior through mentorship, leadership, and training. Mr. Duscher is a certified MSHA trainer as well as a certified trainer for LPS (Loss Prevention System).